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to go to bookstore 3 dimensions

Bookstores Blocks for AutoCAD: 3 dimensions

trees, closets, you help accessibility, beds, chimneys, sports, computer science and image, garden, games, tables, small tables, urban furniture, furniture of kitchen, different furniture, plant, recreational, sanitary ware, chairs and couches, vehicles and windows.


tables sanitary ware vehicles  

to go to bookstore accessibility - suppression architectural barriers

Bookstores Blocks for AutoCAD: accessibility - suppression architectural barriers

parkings, elevators, baths - sanitary ware, rails, cabins, carpentry, kitchens, bedrooms, urban development, stairs, itineraries, logotype, furniture, persons, swimming pools, elevating tables, montaescaleras platforms, ramps, chairs, shallows, wardrobes.


baths urban development wardrobes  

to go to bookstore animals

Bookstores Blocks for AutoCAD: Animals
servants: horses, hens, cats, others, dogs, cows.
savages: eagle, camel, kangaroo, deer, elephant, giraffe, hippopotamus, marine wolves, lion, monkey, pelican, rhino.



to go to bookstore elevators

Bookstores Blocks for AutoCAD: Elevators
Quarters of machines, doors of elevator, horizontal section, vertical section.

quarters of machines

doors elevator horizontal section vertical section  

to go to bookstore detail elements of armed concrete

Bookstores Blocks for AutoCAD: details elements of armed concrete

foundations, walls of containment, props, general dispositions, beams, forged, stairs, joints, short cantilevers, flagstones of foundation, deposits - siloes, special structures.


containment walls props stairs  

to go to bookstore study - plan of safety and health

Bookstores Blocks for AutoCAD: study - plan of safety and health

gatherings of materials, scaffolds, surveys and forms, rails of protection, charges, demolitions, electricity in the work, stairs, debris, fire, cranes, hollows, legends, hoist, platforms and perimetrales networks, individual protections, signs, slopes and excavations, fences of closing of work, wardrobes, dining rooms and huts of work.


cranes platforms and networks slopes and excavations  

to go to bookstore heating

Bookstores Blocks for AutoCAD: heating
accumulative deposit, thermal team, radiators - issuers, simbología


issuers simbología  

to go to bookstore close

Bookstores Blocks for AutoCAD: closings
rails, grills, fences.


grills fences  

to go to bookstore pictures and legends

Bookstores Blocks for AutoCAD: pictures and legends
pictures: carpentry, structures, movement of grounds, fulfillment Kg, fulfillment CA...

legends of: air conditioning, heating, counter-fires, electricity, plumbing, gas city, lightning rod, putting to ground, sanitation, safety, shunt.



to go to bookstore detail metallic carpentry

Bookstores Blocks for AutoCAD: details metallic carpentry
details of wooden carpentry, walls curtain, metallic carpentry, horizontal section, vertical section, windows of covering

wooden carpentry

walls curtain horizontal section covering windows  

to go to bookstore constructive details

Bookstores Blocks for AutoCAD: constructive details

closings, factory of brick, isolation, covering, waterproofing, walls, armed concrete, metallic structures, prefabricated ships, civil work, sanitation, rehabilitation...


covering concrete rehabilitation  

to go to bookstore front details

Bookstores Blocks for AutoCAD: front details
Finished sections, Sections Type.

finished sections

sections type  

to go to bookstore electricity

Bookstores Blocks for AutoCAD: electricity
Electronic circuits, simbología electricity, simbología electronics, landing...

electronic circuits

simbología electricity simbología electronics landing  

to go to bookstore teams and machinery of work

Bookstores Blocks for AutoCAD: teams and machinery of work
trucks, compacters, compressor, excavators, cranes, generating group, concrete mixer, concrete mixer of work, bulldozer, mixed spade...